Rolling Rocks Downhill Podcast Part 1 - Entire Audiobook FREE

Rolling Rocks Downhill has been out for a year now and getting fantastic reviews, like this, the most recent: 

“What an amazing book! Like Goldratt’s The Goal, Ching uses the novel format to get across important organization concepts. I have already implemented some of his lessons in prioritization and working in batches in my organization. The book is also very insightful in describing how real organizations work.”
— - not my Mother

And this (the next most recent):

“A genuinely enjoyable read. There are obviously lessons within the story, and good ones at that, however this is so well written you forget you are reading anything other than a gripping story.”
— - - not my Mother, either

You can read it on amazon or, if you're too busy to read, you can listen to the entire, professionally narrated audio book here, for free!

Note: this is a final-beta version of the audio; my narrator still has to make a few tiny tweaks before the book is up on and

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