Lisa Ferguson on her year with Eli Goldratt

I've finally published my book!  Yay!  So, it's back to podcasting with TOC and Agile thinkers.

We start with TOCThinker Lisa Ferguson, talking about her year working as Eli Goldratt's "apprentice", her book, and her work with and  Lisa and her colleagues have got a bunch of great looking online webinars and training courses coming up over the following months - including 1 where she goes even deeper into the details of her book, which will be out real soon.  Check out their website.  I can't wait!

We've got audio and video of our 1 hour skype conversation.  

I hope you enjoy!   I've got 2 TOC heavy-thinkiers lined up.  Email me on ... if you've got any comments or suggestions.  

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