Technology Ruins Lives????

An unfunny joke, with a point:

An Irish woman walks into a bar. The barman - an Australian - says, 'Sorry, but you can't stay here unless you speak English.'

She says, 'Even though I'm Irish, I grew up speaking English as my first language. Plus I learned Irish as my second language. Also, I have 2 degrees, both of them were taught in the English language.'

'None of that matters, mate', said the barman.  'You have to pass an English test to stay here.'

"Okay. What do you want me to do?  Shall I just keep talking? Would you like me to read something to you?'

'Nope. You have to pass an automated test. A computer test.'

'A computer test?'

He pulls out his iPhone, then says, 'In a moment, it'll ask you to count to 4.  Just do that, make sure you speak clearly into the phone's microphone, and provided you get over 80% correct, you will be allowed to stay here and have a drink with us.'

He pushes a button on the screen, hands her the phone and counts





And moments later, she gets 75%, and is kicked out of the bar.


Recently, in the real world, an Irish woman - a veterinarian who spoke English as her first language, and who had 2 degrees - was declined permanent residency in Australia because she failed an automated - i.e. Computerised - English language test.

I don't know more than that but, given the high odds of false-negatives, you'd've thought they'd've built in robust manual alternatives.

If you're gonna automate something ... make sure you don't ruin someone's life. 


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