Wolves and Leadership - Bullshit.



A little food for thought.

A group of project managers.  They march forward, one by one, through the settled snow, each looking forward, none looking back. They march on relentlessly, heroically, their chests puffed out with confidence, each knowing full well that PMs that don't look both heroic and confident don't remain PMs for long.

The three at the front?  Their projects are red.  They've been sent to the front so everyone else can keep an eye on them. They'd been amber and asking for help for months, but it wasn't until they turned their projects red that they got the help. One of them got asked to make a commitment she knew she couldn't keep.  One crossed his fingers and got unlucky through no fault of his own.  One is a contractor and has been hired to take the blame, though he doesn't know that, yet.

The five behind them?  Their projects are amber. They're worried, for all sorts of reasons, but mostly because - if you look closely - it seems the 3rd red PM has crouched down to relieve himself in the snow, and they're about to bump into him and the mess his project has left behind. They bide their time, cross their fingers, wonder if and when they will join the red pack.

The pack in the middle? They're working on stuff that's gotta be done, but no one really cares all that much about it.  They march along, staring at the butt of the wolf in front of them, taking care not to walk too fast and inadvertantly end up with their snouts inserts up the wolf-in-front's butt.  They make sure to not make eye contact with anyone else. They are not all wolves, actually - some are sheep wearing wolves' clothing, hoping none of the real wolves notices their true identity and eats 'em up. Yes, sheep suffer from imposters syndrome too  

The 5 green wolves?  Their projects are on track, they're looking good, life is sweet.  Two of them have only just started their projects, so they haven't had time for things to go wrong.  One is new to the job and doesn't know that things will probably go wrong; the other one does and is enjoying the peace, while it last.  Two of them are thinking they should be in the amber pack.  And, the last one?  She knows for sure she should be in the red group, but has been putting on a good face, choosing her font colours carefully ... delaying the inevitable.

The guy at the back?  Some think he is a leader, watching over his pack, protecting them.

 In reality, he is modest and stopped for a discrete poop while no one was looking, and is now rushing to catch up with the others before anyone notices. 

That may not be leadership, but at least it was polite.

[I hope this comes across as tongue-in-cheek. If it comes across as offensive, leave a comment and I'll delete it. I'm just sick of seeing this image come up - again and again - with its nonsense, happy-clappy, bullshit, leadership analogy.  See snopes if you don't know what I mean.]