One of the things I've learned over the last half-dozen years is to deliberately care-less.

That's NOT the same as being careless.

It's NOT the same as caring less.


What it is:

It is choosing to NOT care about MOST things.

That choice frees space for me to only care - much more - about a few important things.


I'm 47 now.  I only learned this skill during my 40s.

I learned it by caring too much, for too long, about things that probably didn't matter and, even if they did, no matter how much I cared, I couldn't do anything to change them.

I learned it by suffering.

It's nice, now, to smile and shrug as I don't

- try to boil the ocean, and I do

- try to achieve good-enough, rather than perfection, and when I

- spend time figuring out what's important, so I can chase it, rather than the urgent.

None of this is new.


Caring too much causes pain and frustration.

And whinging.

Stop it.

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