I just saved £900 while off sick from work

I managed to catch a bug of our filthiest child so I've been off work for a couple of days.

That saved me about £900 coz I used the downtime to do some comparison shopping.

- I checked the latest price for car rental for our upcoming summer holiday. From the same company, it was £300 cheaper yesterday, than when I booked it in june, so I cancelled it, rebooked and pocketed the difference.

-BIG SURPRISE.  I discovered you can buy reputable car rental  "excess" insurance for £40 a year, which covers both of us, and saved me between £150-200, just counting our summer holiday.  Avis charges about £15 a day otherwise. I never knew you could buy that insurance

- i got pissed off at Vodafone for making me hold for 40 minutes, when i had to call them because their website was broken, that I decided to cancel 1 of our SIM cards, rather than renew, and when I got put through to the cancellations person, and told him I was going to cancel, he slashed all 3 of our phone bills, which saved us about £400 all up. And I doubled my data alowance to 20gb and we've got free data on our holiday.

Funny the things you discover when you are figuratively chained to the loo.

Hope this maybe helps you.  I stumbled across those 3 savings and now I can buy a new MacBook. 

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