Announcement: New book - Chucking Rocks at the Universe

Hello my friends.  You can read my new book, as I write it in an agile (incremental and iterative) way, by going here.  That's the google Docs version and it currently has the first 2 installments - about 2,000 words worth - and it will keep growing 'til January the 20th, when it will be published. 

At least, that's what I intend. This is an Agile project and I'll be structuring the book, and planning its construction, in way where, unless something really shitty happens, I will hit the date. 

What's it about?  Sorry, but you'll have to subscribe to the blog (via email or rss) to see. I'm sharing my thinking as I go along (that is actually part of the content) and so far I have a fixed date, a working title, a cover and a whole lot of work ahead of me. 

If that answer doesn't grab your attention:  it's about Agile, but with the boring bits taken out. 

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