FREE Audiobook version of Rolling RocksDownhill - OUT NOW!

Have you been too busy to read Rolling Rocks Downhill?

Why not listen* to the audiobook free instead. 


Rolling Rocks Downhill has been out for a year now and getting fantastic reviews, like this, the most recent:

““What an amazing book! Like Goldratt’s The Goal, Ching uses the novel format to get across important organization concepts. I have already implemented some of his lessons in prioritization and working in batches in my organization. The book is also very insightful in describing how real organizations work.””
— - not my Mother

And this (the next most recent):

““A genuinely enjoyable read. There are obviously lessons within the story, and good ones at that, however this is so well written you forget you are reading anything other than a gripping story.””
— - - not my Mother, either


*Podcast and web, Audible (paid) coming

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