Tips for the New Year - or not.

My family and I have been holiday in New Zealand for the last month. I was born here but I've lived away for almost 20 years and it's always a pleasant surprise when I come back.  The weather is delightful, the fishing is fun, and the food & wine is impossibly good, but most of all, I get to see my family (and friends) face to face.

Here's something that always suprises me, as an infrequent visitor: you don't TIP here AND yet you still get fantastic, friendly, fast service.

The last time I was over here, I forgot you don't tip and I left $50 sitting on the restaurant table.  They had my number (from when I booked) and the restaurant manager called me up, saying, "You accidentally left some money on your table.  How can we get it back to you?".  I said it was a tip because they looked after us so well.  They said I was very generous, but it wasn't necessary.

People get paid a fair wage and they just do a good job because that's their job and they want to do a good job.   


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