Anti-social media

I decided, while on holiday in NZ over Xmas, that Twitter and Facebook take up too much of my time and brain power, so, earlier this week I culled 700 people, down to 17, from Twitter and I stopped following a whole lot of groups and people in Facebook.

No offence if I've dropped you. It's not you - honest! - it's me, I need my brain back.

I've tried going cold turkey before - mostly by removing the apps from my phone and iPad - but it didn't work, so what I did this time was, for every tweet of FB update, I asked, "Could I live without this?", and if I decided I did I unfollowed it. I kept doing this until I got to the "higher value" stuff and then I took a deep breath and asked myself "Could I really live without this? Is my life really better with this?" and I culled a lot more. I repeated this, over several days, until there were only a few updates ever 3 or 4 hours and it just wasn't worth opening the apps up. Then I did some more culling and I deleted the apps.  


Interesting thing: Twitter didn't mind but Facebook fought back. It was previously only showing me a small percentage of posts from some groups (like the urban photography group) and so long as I followed those groups it kept giving me new stuff every time I looked. So I culled them.\

I will continue to write and share stuff on Twitter and Facebook but I want to use my brain, mostly, to write blogs and books and articles, and to read books, rather social media.

That said, I'm still following God on Twitter - The real one - and 16 others.

Please don't be offended if I'm not following you. It's me, not you!

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