I lowered the price of my book on Amazon and (cringe) you won't believe what happened next ...

[I've never, in my 10 years of blogging, knowingly written a click-bait blog title before. I feel dirty, so dirty.]

Anyway, my book has been selling and getting good reviews since I published it in December. I'm still learning how to market it, though. It's not something I've ever had to do before. 

Yesterday I got some good medical news, AND it was sunny, AND I had a great chat with one of my clever Agile friends, AND then all this good stuff somehow made me a little whimsical and I popped over to Amazon and lowered the price of Rolling Rocks Downhill by just over 60%. I also put a little comment at the top of the book's description field saying I was having a "sale". 

And guess what? I've sold more books in the last 24 hours than I did in the previous 10 days. 

What that seems to tell me is that people have been looking at the book, thinking it's a little pricey and spending their hard earned money on coffee or iTunes instead.  

I'm happy. I want people to read the book. I want them to find it useful. I want to change the world, a tiny little bit. I also want to make a little money from it, but that's a long term thing - a bet, really. The more people who buy it now, at a low price, the more recommendations and reviews I'll receive, the more people will buy it in the future. Or something like that!

The 60% discount ends at the end of the month so if you see interested go here: Amazon.rolls.rocks


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