First fifteen minutes of Rolling Rocks Downhill audiobook

You can, if you like, listen to the first fifteen minutes of the Rolling Rocks Downhill audiobook.

The entire book - about 7 hours long - should be available on Audible in May, or maybe June.

You might be surprised when you listen to discover that the narrator isn't Scottish.  


The book is set in Scotland, Steve Abernethy, the hero, is Scottish and it's written in first person, so shouldn't the book be narrated by a Scottish man?  

That's what I assumed but then I did a bit of  internet research and discovered that my assumption was wrong.  I didn't believe what I read so I got a bunch of auditions, maybe 40 in total, some Scottish, some English, many American, and then I sampled a few of the best with friends.  The two big problems with  Scottish narrations are that Americans - my biggest audience - can't always understand them and there's not a lot of them to choose from.  The problem with American and English readers is that they just didn't sound like Steve.  Also, people said that English accents is that they sound intelligent - go figure!

I didn't know what to do so I chose one of the (few) Scottish narrators ... and it just didn't work out.  So  I opened the auditions pipeline again and I got a bunch flooded in.  Two of them were English guys and, well, they both just sounded right, to me.  It wasn't their accent, it was the way they read.  They just sounded right to me.  They didn't sound like Steve ... but they sounded like Steve, if that makes any sense. I chose one, Paul, since he was available soonest.

I hope YOU like the sample. If you're Scottish, I hope your note offended.

This was difficult, but I'm happy!

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