The Von Moltke matrix

From Rory Sutherland writing in the Spectator:

"When determination rather than skill becomes the deciding criterion for success, you may end up favouring the dumb and energetic — arguably the worst people of all. In the 19th century, Field Marshal von Moltke reputedly categorised Prussian military officers using the following matrix — in descending order:

1. Intelligent & Lazy: I make them my Commanders because they make the right thing happen, and find the easiest way to accomplish the mission.

2. Intelligent & Energetic: I make them my General Staff Officers because they make intelligent plans that make the right things happen.

3. Stupid & Lazy: There are menial tasks that require an officer to perform; they follow orders without causing much harm.

4. Stupid & Energetic: These are dangerous and must be eliminated. They cause things to happen, but the wrong things, and so create trouble."

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