We shouldn't have to ...

It bothers me, big time, that we NEED to stop and point out woman who've done extraordinary things. 

Don't get me wrong, I think we NEED to. It just really bothers me that we need to. 

Take a look at Margaret Hamilton's Wikipedia page, for instance. What a great story. What a brilliant person.  I find that interesting and impressive (especially the snippet on Apollo 11) whether her name was Margaret or Mark. Don't you?

I've been lucky, I think, during my career to work with, and for, some extraordinarily kind, thoughtful and intelligent people and many of them women. Without naming names, I still am. The surname of my book's main character, Steve Abernethy, comes from a woman I worked for 20 years ago. Her gender is irrelevant, but she had an enormous effect on how I work and think and behave towards others. Why isn't Steve Abernethy a woman then? It's coz the book is written in first-person and I don't think I'm good enough at writing, or intuitive enough about people, to write a female character that way. And, also, frankly, it just never crossed my mind.

I wrote "I've been lucky" in the last paragraph, and I think I have. I can't prove this but I think it's harder for women to start working in my industry, these days, than it was when I started 20 years ago. I hope that's not the case, but it seems that way. i don't know what to do about that.  It bothers me. 

That's why we need to point out woman who've changed the world, even though we shouldn't need to. 

Take a look at Margaret Hamilton's Wikipedia page. How cool was she!?!?!?!

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