R U Siri-ous?

I was in a very interesting meeting this morning when I remembered that I needed to finish that meeting early in order to rush to another meeting in a different building. 

I don't wear a watch so I pulled out my iPhone and told Siri, "set an alarm for 1045". 

It didn't work. Either It didn't like my accent or maybe I'd used the wrong syntax. Not sure. 

So I thought a moment then asked Siri the same thing but using words I knew would work because I use them most nights before I go to sleep. 

I said, "Wake me up at 1045". 

That worked! It set the alarm exactly as I needed. 

However ...

It took me a few moments to realise why, when I looked up from my phone to face my colleagues, they were frowning at me ...

"Wake you up?"

It was a really interesting meeting, honest.

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