Evaporating Clouds - an easier way?

I was surprised, after RRD came out, when several readers emailed me to say they particularly liked how I'd described Eli Goldratt's Evaporating Cloud technique.  Some were TOC people.  Some were newbies.  That made me VERY happy because, despite liking my variation of the cloud, I almost ripped those chapters out of the book, twice.  What saved them?  First, Kelvyn Youngman - a fellow Kiwi,  one of the cleverest people I know (and, trust me, I know a few), and author of the best free TOC resource in the world - shared a new, simpler way of writing (and evaporating) clouds.  Second, after my editor said the cloud chapters were too long and boring, I spent hours and hours rewriting them and de-boring-ficating them.  

Sadly, not everyone is going to buy RRD, so I figured I'd share the chapter where Craig (the book's Yoda) introduces Steve, the book's reluctant hero, to clouds by running through a very real example.  

I *think* the chapter stands alone - as an introduction - but your best way to learn how to evaporate clouds is to find a problem worth solving then use the example here as a pattern.  Go on ... give it a shot.

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