How to make video if you're not very good at visual stuff.

My brain is almost fried.  I spent most of today creating a "draft" video/movie to share around work. It's a simple story about some really impressive improvement work done by one of our teams over the last year.  It features, as most of my stories do, a bottleneck.  

The hard bit is telling the story in just 2 or 3 minutes.  It'd be far easier if I had an hour ... but then no one would watch it.


Although, as many have commented, I was clearly born with thought-leading fashion sense, I'm actually not a very visual person.  To compensate, I've been using the techniques from Dan Roam's Napkin Academy.  I spent a bit of my Xmas break working through his (paid) online training and I love his approach.  It's visual, but you don't have to be good at visual stuff!

The mechanics are simple enough: 

  • I'm using the Screenflow software on my mac to record me scribbling pictures on keynote on my iPad;
  • I'm recording some amateur- (but not too amateur) looking video using my iPhone.
  • I'm editing them together using Screenflow.

The hard bit is writing the script so it's QUICK, but still interesting.

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