The third secret to enjoying work

Manipulate your work life so that you FINISH stuff, often.


Progress feels good.  

Did you make progress today?  If so I bet you'll feel even more motivated tomorrow.  There's a flywheel effect.  Progress is the gift that keeps on giving.

The opposite is true.  Are you Blocked?  Not making progress?  Do you feel good?  Not likely.  And, I bet, when you get to work tomorrow, odds are your get-up-and-go will have got-up-and-gone.


There's a trick:  Rethink - or reframe -  obstacles.  

They're not obstacles, they're your next job.  

List the next few steps to start unblocking yourself.  Get started.  Finish stuff, often.

If you're constantly blocked and can't do anything about it ... find a new job?


Oh, and maybe you should watch this: 

Teresa Amabile draws from her new book The Progress Principle to explain how companies can overcome the "crisis of disengagement" occurring in the workplace. Thank you to Definition 6 for providing in-kind video editing services for TEDxAtlanta.

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