Rolling Rocks Downhill ... still coming!

You might not know this (or may have forgotten!) but for the last decade I’ve been writing (& rewriting & rewriting) my business novel, Rolling Rocks Downhill. The book is my answer to the question: what would we do differently in commercial software development if our job was not to just build software but to make our businesses more profitable and our workplaces happier?

I’m rather happy this morning because last night I completed 9 months worth of hard slog where I removed 15,000 words from the first 3/4s of the book. That’s hard! I chopped it down from 90,000 to 75,000 words. I restructured the book a good bit, I rewrote and rewrote bits of it so they’re easier and faster to read, and I added more description to the text so it's more visual to read. I killed a few darlings along the way too - ouch.

Next up? I’m about start stitching the last quarter back onto the end of book. Most of that material is already written, but it needs thinning out, speeding up, and some needs to be completely rewritten.

And then? Not quite sure …

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