Lean UX Workshop - a quick review

I've spent a good part of today watching Jeff Gothelf's Lean UX Workshop - a paid video workshop from O'Reilly, which I didn't pay for because I'm part of the O'Reilly reviewer program.  What follows is my brief, but honest, review:

It's very good.  Gothelf is a very good presenter - easy to listen to, easy to follow - and the content is excellent.  I've had the good fortune to work with 3 excellent UX folk during the last year so I am familiar with some of the content, but not all of it.  I learnt useful stuff though and I found it a useful complement to the book he cowrote with Josh Seiden.

The workshop is broken down into 11 videos, some just a few minutes long, a few nearer 45 minutes long, totalling just over 4 hours.  It starts with a very nice overview of Agile and an explanation of how Lean UX fits UX work into an Agile framework.  It also covers, clearly and quickly, Lean Startup thinking.  

I really enjoyed this.  The videos cost about $70, plus 4 hours of your time.

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