What I learnt about BBQing from a vegetarian

I was moaning, last summer, to a friend and colleague about how I'd bought a BBQ 5 years earlier and probably and used it 15 times (if that).  I blamed the Scottish weather - it's variable and if the sun is out at 5pm in July that's no great predictor that it'll still be sunny at 7pm.  My wife and kids banned me from using the word BBQ because, they said, it makes it rain.

My friend said, "That doesn't bother us.  We have a BBQ kit."

"A BBQ what?'

"A kit - a portable gas BBQ, matches, and everything else all packed up and ready to go.  If it's sunny we grab it and go to the park next door.  We buy the food on the way.  We can be eating in 15 minutes."

I said, "Oh", but left it there.  

My friend is a vegetarian and obviously didn't understand that much about BBQing.  You don't just spontaneously BBQ: you need to buy charcoal, you need to clean the BBQ, you need 10 minutes of frustration trying to light the damned thing, you need another 20-30 minutes until it's ready to cook, you need ... and so on.


Last week I bought a gas BBQ.  I check my Dark Skies app before I fire it up - it's very good at predicting the weather for the next hour.  I turn the gas on, flick the lighter button, and 10 minutes later I'm cooking.

I've had 3 BBQs in the last week and summer starts, officially I think, tomorrow.  


My problem (now gone) was that I was living in the past.  I grew up in a country where you could plan a BBQ a year in advance and it'd probably be good weather.  In those circumstances, you take it slow because there's no need to rush.  

It took me 15 years to realise that I shouldn't blame the situation I was living in - I should adapt.

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