Recommended, previously unheard of, App: Voice Dream

Summary: If you can't keep up with your reading, but you're good at listening, then you MUST check out the iOS app Voice Dream.


One of the things about me that infuriates me is that I'm a slow reader.  It wouldn't matter if I only read for pleasure, but spend a lot of time each day reading - researching, might be a better word - for work.  

Things is, though, I'm actually a very fast listener.  So, most days, during my commute, I listen to audiobooks and podcasts.  Problem with this, is that a lot of what I want to read or listen to isn't available as audiobooks and podcasts so I still have to read that.

Here's where Voice Dream comes in.  It converts Text to Speech on my iPad and iPhone and it does it very well.  It's easy to import stuff and the voice quality is surprisingly good.  I've only had it a day but so far I've listened to a bunch of blog posts I'd previously saved to pocket, a rather long, but interesting, article about Larry Page's journey to becoming Google CEO, and this excellent hbr article (currently free) on how to make action happen.  The app pulled the blog articles in directly from pocket; it uploaded Google article from a website (using it's built in browser), and it imported the hbr file from dropbox and converted the pdf into text on the fly.  It's outstanding.

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