Hello Again World!

I decided, today, to dump typepad, the blogging platform I've been using since February 2004, because it hasn't improved much since about 2008.

I'm now using Squarespace.  

Here, just out of interest, is my first blogpost ever:

Hello. This is the first entry in my professional weblog. My name is Clarke Ching. I am a New Zealander but I live in Scotland with my Irish wife Winnie and Scottish daughter Aisling (pronounced Ashling). My professional interests are Theory of Constraints and agile software development. I am just a few months away from finishing an MBA in tecnology management with the Open University. I currently work as a systems analyst for a large financial organisation, although in the past I've developed in Cobol, C, Visual Basic on IBM mainframes, Unix and PCs, I've managed projects and had a brief (and barely profitable) stint as an independant consultant. This blog will focus on Theory of Constraints and software development topics, with the odd recipe and amusing link thrown in.

Clarke Ching A kiwi in Scotland

A bit has changed since then.  I now have 2 daughters (Aisling 11 and Alice 8).  I've long finished my MBA.  I now work as an Agile evangelist/leader/change-agent for a different large financial.  

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