Bank often

Do you remember the TV game show The Weakest Link?

From Wikipedia:

    The original format features a team of contestants who take turns answering and elaborate general knowledge questions. The object of each round is to create a chain of consecutive correct answers to earn an increasing amount of money for a communal pot within a specific time limit. The number of "links" in a chain are equal to the number of the contestants at the start of the show. An incorrect answer breaks the chain and loses all the money accumulated up to that point; however, a contestant can say "bank" prior to their question being asked, the accumulated money is stored, and the chain resets to zero.

I'm not sure who started it but lately I've heard a handful of my colleagues talk about "banking" the value generated by our Agile projects by releasing several times during each project's execution.  Often, but not always, that's a great way of making more money - it has the opposite effect of banking in the game show. 

So, maybe the next time you're encouraging your business folk to ship often, consider reframing it as "banking" the value you've already built up. 

I wish I'd thought of that ... I work with some clever people.  

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