Genius Hours

Here's something I like about work: every month we have a Genius Hour.

That hour happens during a lunch break and between 20 and 30 people turn up (during their lunch break) for each session.  I organise the session but it only takes me an hour or so each month.  

What do we do during these hours?  This month one of my workmates is presenting a "beginners guide" to the Raspberry Pi, complete with real live stuff.  Last month one of our colleagues, a trained physicist, gave a talk on "Critical Thinking" - I missed it but people loved it.  Before that we had a bunch of lightning talks.  And before that we had a session on Introversion and the book Quiet.


This stuff is really easy to organise.  It's a little different.  And people like it.

Why not give it a go yourself?  

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