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ToC 101

Don’t read The Goal … Yet

The Bottleneck Rules

There’s a bottleneck hiding in your business, slowing the whole place down, but nobody knows it, because no one can see it.

Well. Not. Yet.

Featured in The Guardian and The Spectator, and (for a few days) the second best selling leadership book on

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Agile + ToC

Agile for Managers

Rolling Rocks Downhill

The Agile / ToC business novel.

The company’s #1 IT project is running late. Very late.

The CEO slashes the date, then gives Steve, the CIO, a choice:
Commit to the new date, or find a new job.

Watch as Steve and his team reluctantly take on the new date but then figure out how to use the immense pressure to turn the

Six Lessons


ToC Advanced

A treat for ToC fans

Six Lessons

Learn from the master.

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Agile Simplified

Don’t do Agile … yet

Rocks Into Gold

Want to gain 80% of the benefits of implementing Agile, without suffering through a painful transformation?

This short book shows you how.